Zwift system performance jargon buster

Looking to get max ROI on the LHF by COB? I’ve got your 6.

  • GPU - Graphics Processor Unit - the most important resource for real-time 3D rendering.
  • CPU - Central Processor Unit - the second most important resource.
  • Graphics Profile - the level of detail, shadows, and lighting effects in the scene. You can not choose this.
  • Resolution - the size of the picture. Options are Basic (720), High (1080), Ultra (1440), 4K (2610).
  • FPS - Frames Per Second. The smoothness of the animation. Think flip book animation.
  • TDP - Thermal Design Power. Ability to dissipate heat. Laptops have a low TDP. Desktops have a higher TDP.
  • Discrete GPU - a separate GPU chip, often requiring its own power connector, as opposed to onboard the same package as the CPU chip.
  • BTLE - blue tooth low energy, a cheap wireless radio technology with the strength of a gnat that connects two $1,000 pieces of equipment together.
  • ANT+ - another weak radio technology for connecting fitness equipment together through thin air. Originally used on bikes outdoors nowhere near microwave ovens.
  • Dropout - when the BTLE or ANT+ signal is lost causing your Avatar to slam on the brakes as the system tries to reconnect power.

LMK if I’ve missed anything.

Mike Hanney