Zwiftalizer 2.0 Update 2022-01-25 Release Notes

Benchmarks database cleanup

Benchmarks database cleanup.
  • I have changed the activity selection in the log report from a select list to a radio button list because the drop down hides information. Many people failed to see past the 1st activity. For example, a rider who joined a world briefly then switched to an event or group ride would think the log report was broken because they only saw the first activity. The longest activity in the log report is now selected by default.

  • Fixed 11th and 12th generation Intel CPU names - they used to start with “Gen Intel Core xx”, now they are simplified to “Core xx”.

  • Added FPS standard deviation to parser, report, activities and benchmark db items.

  • Added FPS 1st percentile to parser, report, activities and benchmark db items.

  • 1st percentile is a better sign of the worst performance expectations. A basic definition is - out of 100 values, the bottom 1% were equal to or less than this value, and 99% were higher. I interpret it as, most of the time, the FPS is better than this number.

  • Added duration to benchmark entries. Generally, longer activities are more representative of expected performance and people upload shorter ones to intentionally try to ‘win’ at the benchmarks. The minimum duration to qualify for entry into the benchmarks database is five minutes. I might increase this to discourage gaming the benchmarks. Misrepresenting performance to win some pissing contest does not help the community make buying decisions.

  • Moved the crowding percent estimate score to a plain text entry under the system name in the benchmarks report instead of being a bar. It was out of place under the FPS bars because it uses different units.

  • Removed minimum FPS from reports, activities and benchmarks because the minimum is often a blip and not very meaningful.

Thank you to everyone who made a financial donation in January. I appreciate your support very much. The funds will go towards hosting a managed search service.

Mike Hanney