Zwift Computer Buyer's Guide 2019 - 2020

Zwift runs on a wide range of computer hardware from smart phones to gaming PCs. In 2019, Android support officially launched and tablet graphics now rival mid-range Intel Core i7 laptops. At the high end, ultra 4K is now possible on a budget gaming PC, but would you really want to buy a bulky tower PC in 2020? And do you even need a computer to run Zwift when Android smart phones can Chromecast to a TV?

Zwift system performance jargon buster

Looking to get max ROI on the LHF by COB? I’ve got your 6. GPU - Graphics Processor Unit - the most important resource for real-time 3D rendering. CPU - Central Processor Unit - the second most important resource. Graphics Profile - the level of detail, shadows, and lighting effects in the scene. You can not choose this. Resolution - the size of the picture. Options are Basic (720), High (1080), Ultra (1440), 4K (2610).

Zwiftalizer benchmarks frozen in time

In May 2019 I removed the log collection feature on zwiftalizer.com. I removed aging features that would have required a lot of maintenance to bring up to date - namely the benchmarks data collection. The main constraint is my limited free time, not hosting costs (but more on that later). My time is dedicated to my family, then career, then fitness. Hobby projects are frozen. It is unlikely that the benchmarks or the power sources reports will ever come back.